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Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier, Dark Grey Stretchy Ergo Sling from Newborns to 35lbs


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Product Description

The Sleepy Wrap – The Stretchy Wrap Designed for Newborns

Grey Ergo Sleepy WrapGrey Ergo Sleepy Wrap

Meet the Wrap that was Designed to Bring You Together

The Sleepy Wrap Baby Wrap is designed with just the right amount of elasticity, conforming perfectly to your body with no need for constant readjusting unlike less elastic baby wraps. When using the Sleepy Wrap to carry your newborn, toddler or even a preemie, the closeness and lull of your heartbeat will settle and calm your baby. The Sleepy Wrap is a little shorter in length than some other brands, but it will fit most any physique with the 5% Spandex French Terry mix. You may choose to tie the knot in front, in the back or on the side, depending on how much slack you have. On the side or in front will make sitting down in the wrap more comfortable as the knot will not be in your back. Each time you tie your wrap, you are creating a custom, ergonomic fit for your baby and the X that forms the seat grows with your child. Did you know that infants can’t thermoregulate? This means that they just can’t deal with being hot or cold the way that we adults do. Their internal furnace or cooling system (think, sweat) is not fully formed yet and so they rely on your body for that! You’ll notice that when you wear your baby close, you will heat up or sweat more than usual. That is your baby using you to thermoregulate! That’s just one of the many benefits to your baby that Sleepy Wrap facilitates. It also supports a healthy immune system, with less ear infections, less crying (43% less!) and more sleep. So we called it the Sleepy Wrap and we’ve been delivering these benefits for over 10 years.

The natural way to carry your infantThe natural way to carry your infant

Naturally reduce crying and ear infections

Studies show that babywearing helps to reduce crying and strengthens your baby’s immune system. Ear infections are a common issue and wearing your baby in the Sleepy Wrap, designed for upright positioning, can reduce the occurrence of ear infections.

Babywearing Babywearing

Babywearing is beautiful

There are many benefits to babywearing that can be quantified: better sleep, healthier immune systems, healthy hip development and so on…

There is one big benefit that can’t be measured: the beautiful bond that grows between you and your child gives you a glow that is both lovely and calming. Maybe it’s the confidence that comes from knowing your baby is listening to your heartbeat. Maybe it’s that lovely hue of Dark Grey, neutral and classic, letting your glow shine through. Either way, it’s undeniable that babywearing is a beautiful thing!

Snuggles and KissesSnuggles and Kisses

Start wearing your baby on day one

This wrap is designed to be used from the very start! If you have a premature baby, you should ask your doctor about Kangaroo Care. This practice can help your little preemie continue to develop by promoting a healthy immune system, thermoregulating and just the sound of your heart beat can soothe and strengthen your little one.

Sling Sling

Babies who are worn are curious

The safety and support of the wrap provide two of the mainstays of healthy brain development in an infant. Infants who are worn, wrapped and carried develop a keen interest in the world around them. They feel safe and secure and so are not scared to look around, venture forth and learn. They know that you are right there beside them every single step of the way!

Hands FreeHands Free

Live your best life with your baby!

New parents often feel as though they can’t live the way they once did. Take it from us, if you want to, you can! The Sleepy Wrap is supportive and the shoulder panel can be used as head support for infants who cannot hold their head up on their own yet. This will enable you to get things done around the house or get out and go shopping, hiking or just sit at a cafe. It’s your choice and we’re happy to help!

sleepy wrap infant wrap holdersleepy wrap infant wrap holder

Use this wrap from NEWBORN up to 35 lbs TODDLER – the perfect registry gift for the new moms in your life.
Ergonomic – Stretchy material allows you to EASILY tie your infant snug in the wrap. The wrap is ERGONOMICALLY designed to distribute your baby’s weight so it doesn’t strain your back.
Easily fits inside your diaper bag and leaves room for formula diapers and wipes! Lightweight, portable and indispensable!
With your baby on your chest, you can conveniently BREASTFEED while wearing your little one. This has health benefits for both you and your little one.
Made with a soft blend of 95% cotton, 5 % spandex, it is MACHINE WASHABLE unlike a stroller or pram.

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Sleepy Wrap Baby Carrier, Dark Grey Stretchy Ergo Sling from Newborns to 35lbs


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